Monday, April 25, 2011

Natural Cures for Heart Disease New York City

Natural Cures for Heart Disease New York City.

Continuing with my imaginary musing, let’s listen in to an imaginary conversation 
between Joe Lamb who just read Joe Birch’s book and his cardiologist Dr. Knowall 
who is considered by himself and others to be perhaps the best physicians in the 
land. Joe hopes people in New York City looking for natural cures for heart disease will take notice.

Joe Lamb...”Dr. Knowall, what do you think about the studies I read about in Joe 
Birch’s book proving that Vitamin K in foods and supplements can reduce the 
artery plaque and calcification? Isn’t it true that my condition is due to 
blocked, hardened arteries and isn’t my hypertension and the heart attack and 
stroke I had last year because of calcified artery blockage?” 
Dr Knowall…”Mr. Lamb, I do not bother with scam vitamin con men like this Birch 
fellow and you shouldn’t either. His claims are fictions created by this low 
life logger. Medical professionals like myself have been highly trained and know 
all there is to know about treating to you. That is why you pay $500 to speak to 
me for 15 minutes. Drug companies invite me to medical confederacies several 
times a year in Florida and Hawaii to learn about every new drug treatment 
therapy. If something could be done, it would be done and if there was a better 
way to treat you I would know about it!”

Joe Lamb…”But Dr. Knowall, my heart condition doesn’t seem to be improving and 
my angina pain keeps me up at night! Some of the things Birch writes about even 
cite studies from Harvard and Yale Medical Schools!

Dr. Knowall…”Mr. Lamb you have to understand that America leads the world in 
medical research and we doctors know everything about new discoveries and if a 
study comes along proving a new drug can help you, believe me I will let you 
know and I’ll add the new drug to your other drugs. Don’t worry Mr. Lamb, the 
nine drugs I am giving you are very effective and soon you’ll be having your 
quadruple bypass and afterwards you’ll feel a whole lot better and I fully expect 
you to survive the operation.”

Joe Lamb… “But Doctor Knowall, one of the drugs you gave me contains warfarin 
and Joe Birch says it’s widely used to kill rats and it is proven to cause 
calcification of my arteries! I’m not sure I want to take rat poison every day 
that makes my arteries more calcified and blocked than they already are! Birch 
says natural anti-coagulants like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, peppermint, garlic 
and oregano work as good as warfarin and won’t add more plaque and calcification 
to my arteries. 

Doctor Knowall...“Don’t pay any attention to these nutrition fanatics and kooks 
like Joe Birch! How could a non-medical expert who is a simple minded logging 
man know anything about heart disease? Just stay on warfarin. I’ts good for you! 
Incidentally Mr. Lamb, be sure not to eat foods high in vitamin k like lettuce, 
cabbage, green peppers and spinach because they contain properties that 
adversely counteract with Warfarin. Stick to your usual diet and you’ll be fine. 
Oh, I forgot, you must not drink cranberry juice or alcohol and never take 
vitamin K supplements because they are counter indicated. And one more thing Mr. 
Lamb. Never, ever forget that I am an extremely intelligent, highly educated and 
exceptional human being and never, question my medical knowledge and authority 
again! You must do exactly as you are told and everything will be fine and if 
you don’t like it find another doctor. I don’t think you will do that Mr. Lamb as 
we both know you’ll never find a cardiologist as brilliant as myself who knows 
so much about drugs and surgery. You can pay at the counter on your way out.”
Mr. Lamb…“I am ever so sorry to have questioned you Dr. Knowall. I feel ashamed 
for talking about what I read in Joe Birch’s book. I am sure you are right and 
Birch is a fanatical vitamin kook trying to scam people to buy his book. I meant 
no offence and believe me I will never question you again. I’ll remember to 
faithfully take the nine drugs you proscribed for me and I look forward to my 
third quadruple bypass next year. I am sure I’ll feel better then and can get 
some sleep without my angina keeping me awake all night. I am confident just 
like you are that I will survive the bypass surgery with no problem!”